Monday, January 21, 2008

The legend of Osiris and Isis

1. The legend of Osiris and Isis
Osiris can be equated to someone who intervened from another planet and in some way not only educated, but probably genetically engineered mankind. There is one very special factor that makes man uniquely special amongst all living creatures and that is his ability to communicate with one another through speech. Was it an accident that St. John’ s opening line to his gospel was.... ‘In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God’! Is this a divine revelation that God was the divine spark that enabled man to achieve that higher level of understanding that linked him to God.
2. The function of Osiris in death
Osiris, upon his death, became the judge of the dead and his sister, Isis, whom he married, became the mother of their son, Horus, and the Queen of Heaven. Osiris was the original King. He ruled Egypt as the first Pharaoh and those who came after him were the followers of Horus. Consequently all subsequent Kings ruled and reigned as his son Horus and so was born the concept of a divine Kingship. The term ‘Followers of Horus’ specifically apply to the people who gave knowledge to the Ancient Egyptians. If we are to imagine Osiris as being a real, rather than legendary person, then he had to date back to the first time, which was at least 12,000 years ago. He also had to be knowledgeable in the study of the stars, astronomy and astrology as well as farming and in general all things necessary to govern a country.
3. Osiris the creator of man
If we take Osiris a stage further back to a time uncertain, he could have been the originator of man through genetic engineering. In effect, there was at one and the same time, three groups upon Earth. First there was the original inhabitants who were little better than cave dwellers. Then there were the ‘Gods’, the people who visited our planet and wanted to use what they could find from it. In order to make man a more amenable species to their own kind, they genetically engineered him, bestowing upon him intelligence with a mind capable of achieving great things. With that mind came the knowledge of another dimension, which could only be achieved, in a different form, a spiritual form. This dimension was realized through the resurrection of the dead. Consequently the higher beings all had the knowledge of an afterlife that was achieved through spirituality and their realm was the abode of Osiris. It was also very clearly understood where that abode was to be found and that was in the constellation of Orion.
4. The stellar connection
The incredible factor that emanates from this is their belief that the abode of Isis was Sirius, the dog star. They somehow knew that Sirius was a binary star, constantly giving birth to an offspring. How this could have been known without the aid of sophisticated equipment is beyond conjecture. We have only discovered that fact today with the aid of radio telescopes!
However the concept of the divine monarch has passed down through history to our own time today. The most sacred element of any Coronation ceremony is the anointing which in effect imbues the monarch with the spirit of God!
5. The quasi divine nature of the monarch today.