Monday, January 21, 2008

the great sphinx

The Sphinx is perhaps the most mysterious and enigmatic object ever created on Earth. Throughout its history people and princes have placed mystical connotations upon it and psychics and mediums have also expressed the very great significance of this the most ancient sculpture on Earth.
The Sphinx is a sculpture and not a building. It was originally carved out of the sandstone of the Plateau of Giza and more than likely had on it the head of a lion.
The lion’s head that I have drawn for the cover is not meant as a joke, it really was carved as a lion and the present head replaced the original structure. The evidence to prove this astounding belief is quite simply if the head is that of Kepheren and the Sphinx is infinitely older than the date of his reign, then he must have changed the head.
What however is of even greater significance is of course the reasons behind the building of the Sphinx and indeed the nature of the people who built it.
As with virtually everything that comes from Ancient Egypt, astronomy and astrology play an inextricable part in it. Everything seems to have something to do with the stars, or at the very least have a close relation that is.
The Sphinx is no exception. However, the two most incredible things about it are the fact that it was in the form of a lion and also the actual time when scientists, not Egyptologists, believe it to have been made. Both add up to one very surprising thing, the people who made it had the most extraordinary knowledge of the stars and the behavior of the Earth, planets and stars in space.
From where did this knowledge come and who had given it to them? To consider that they had worked it out for themselves is indeed a possibility, especially given the amount of time man had been alive on Earth (between one and two hundred thousand years), but man had just experienced the most devastating of tragedies, the Flood.
Yes, even the mystery of the great Flood is able to weave itself into the story of the Sphinx, for it is the only relic on Earth that we can scientifically prove comes anywhere near the date of that event.
Yes the enigmas of the Sphinx are many and we will try to unravel them and throw some light on all the mystery and confusion that has not only surrounded this monarch of the desert even in ancient times, but even in our own century, has become the source of very great excitement.